The Benefits of Using Google Chrome

Google, which is the number one online search engine, has released its own web browser titled “Google Chrome”. Google chrome is, in many ways, superior compared to Internet Explorer and Firefox. The speed of this browser is incredible and the ease of use arguable may may it the number one internet browser to date.

Google’s knowledge is seemingly boundless in offering a seamless experience to internet users. Their release of Chrome is an excellent example of their knowledge since about fifty-five percent of internet users trust and use their browser.

No Crashes

A positive feature of Google Chrome is that it very rarely or never crashes. It has each of the windows and tabs running in its own environment. This means that if you have a tab that crashes because of a bad web page then you will not have to worry about loosing all of your other open web pages.

This will make the worry of having a web browser crash a thing of the past. This can help the security of your internet experience. If you go on a website with a virus in one tab, then it will not affect the other tabs as well, because it will stay trapped in that individual window.


Google chromes speed is unbeatable by any other internet browser. Since Google created a multiprocessing web browser, Chrome will rarely ever cause a slowdown while viewing your favorite websites.

If one tab gets halted while loading, you can switch to another tab and view another website while waiting for the other site to pick up its speed. Once you click the Google Chrome icon on your desktop it will instantly pop up and loads web pages faster than any of its competition. This makes its users stay loyal to the browser because of its functionality and simple layout.


The appearance of Google’s browser is outstanding. It does not overload you with buttons, toolbars, and add-ons that will take up space, and cause distractions. The majority of the screen is taken up by the website you are viewing at that time. You can also customize your bookmarks bar and add all the favorite websites. This makes it easier to access each website since you just open a new tab and click the link. Google Chrome is known for its productivity because it is easy to navigate, and get to where you need to go fast.

The URL bar (where you type in a web address) of this web browser can be used as a search bar, and searches websites from Google’s database. If you type in a keyword or a URL it will have a dropdown menu appear. From this dropdown you can choose which website you would like to visit. Chrome learns which websites you like to view, and will appear in the dropdown menu so you do not have to type the whole URL each time. This makes finding and revisiting websites much easier than any other browser on the market to date.

New Features

A great addition is Google Chromes Incognito window. It allows users to view websites, and not have to worry about it being saved and logged into your computer. There will be no cache or saved passwords while in Incognito, which is great for internet security. Plus you can use this window while viewing your normal browser window at the same time, and not have to worry about what you view in incognito hurting your normal browser.